If you build it they will come….


The 1989 film Field of Dreams – Kevin Costner was told “if you build it they will come” and back then they did. However, in 2017 it’s not a foregone conclusion unfortunately. More and more new build Gyms and Health Clubs are popping up all over and many are successful, but not all.

So what is the secret to success?

My belief is quite simply good Prospect Management, controlling the situation rather than allowing the situation to control the outcome.

When starting a new business we always think of the 5 P’s

  1. Price
  2. Promotion
  3. People
  4. Product
  5. Place

I think we have forgotten a vital P and that is Prospect Management and more and more successful Health Club brands are seeing the value of investing in software that helps the sales team to:

save time, quality control, performance ratios, KPI’s, visibility, reporting and most importantly never lose another lead.

Save Time

An easy to use product that offers automation to ensure that no leads are missed. A tool that free’s up precious time for the sales team to do what they are good at. Keeping it simple avoids mistakes and ensures that everyone buys into using the tool. Take the chance of making a mistake out of the equation.

Quality Control

The ability to design branded templates will ensure that the quality always meets the desired level of the business. Email and SMS templates that can be branded and with two way communication so that no responses are missed.

Performance Ratio’s

Setting individual and club targets to ensure that all team members are achieving the desired results. This allows the business to reward those who exceed the targets and train those that need support. Identifying gaps in skill sets and ensuring that everyone is pulling their weight.


Provides a best practice for the team to follow and ensure that they are on track. Setting Bench Marks that keep the team focused. Identifying where there are opportunities to improve and to adjust activity if the results are no forefilled.


Clarity of not only how much activity is taking place but how successful that activity is. How many leads have we got, where are they coming from, how did they find out about us, how quickly are we converting them. All these questions help us to move faster and more efficiently when we are behind the target set.


Full clarity on the success of the business, the ability to compare results with other clubs and teams across the network. To evaluate what marketing is working and where to invest in the future to improve results. Conversion ratio’s of individuals through to club level, enabling the implementation of training as required. What communications are most effective to get those results, SMS, emails or phone calls. Is the time being used well and what are the ROI’s.

Never lose another lead

We spend thousands of pounds on marketing to generate those leads and the value of each lead can be worth thousands to the business. There is no such thing as a dead lead and the value of your database is the net value of your business. So growing a clean database is imperative to the success of your business both now and in the future. We all know that a No today can be a YES tomorrow so don’t take risks by using a paper based prospect management system. Or leave it to chance on an excel spread sheet.

What is your companies sales process and how does it flow?

Are there gaps where prospects can be miscommunicated too multiple times or missed entirely?

Can you guarantee the level and quality of the communication?

Any doubts, then I recommend that you look no further than GymSales Software. A simple, affordable and easy to use Prospect management system that can integrate with your current membership system.

Email us today for your complimentary trial on UK@gymsales.net or call (0131) 510 1739