If you build it they will come….


The 1989 film Field of Dreams – Kevin Costner was told “if you build it they will come” and back then they did. However, in 2017 it’s not a foregone conclusion unfortunately. More and more new build Gyms and Health Clubs are popping up all over and many are successful, but not all.

So what is the secret to success?

My belief is quite simply good Prospect Management, controlling the situation rather than allowing the situation to control the outcome.

When starting a new business we always think of the 5 P’s

  1. Price
  2. Promotion
  3. People
  4. Product
  5. Place

I think we have forgotten a vital P and that is Prospect Management and more and more successful Health Club brands are seeing the value of investing in software that helps the sales team to:

save time, quality control, performance ratios, KPI’s, visibility, reporting and most importantly never lose another lead.

Save Time

An easy to use product that offers automation to ensure that no leads are missed. A tool that free’s up precious time for the sales team to do what they are good at. Keeping it simple avoids mistakes and ensures that everyone buys into using the tool. Take the chance of making a mistake out of the equation.

Quality Control

The ability to design branded templates will ensure that the quality always meets the desired level of the business. Email and SMS templates that can be branded and with two way communication so that no responses are missed.

Performance Ratio’s

Setting individual and club targets to ensure that all team members are achieving the desired results. This allows the business to reward those who exceed the targets and train those that need support. Identifying gaps in skill sets and ensuring that everyone is pulling their weight.


Provides a best practice for the team to follow and ensure that they are on track. Setting Bench Marks that keep the team focused. Identifying where there are opportunities to improve and to adjust activity if the results are no forefilled.


Clarity of not only how much activity is taking place but how successful that activity is. How many leads have we got, where are they coming from, how did they find out about us, how quickly are we converting them. All these questions help us to move faster and more efficiently when we are behind the target set.


Full clarity on the success of the business, the ability to compare results with other clubs and teams across the network. To evaluate what marketing is working and where to invest in the future to improve results. Conversion ratio’s of individuals through to club level, enabling the implementation of training as required. What communications are most effective to get those results, SMS, emails or phone calls. Is the time being used well and what are the ROI’s.

Never lose another lead

We spend thousands of pounds on marketing to generate those leads and the value of each lead can be worth thousands to the business. There is no such thing as a dead lead and the value of your database is the net value of your business. So growing a clean database is imperative to the success of your business both now and in the future. We all know that a No today can be a YES tomorrow so don’t take risks by using a paper based prospect management system. Or leave it to chance on an excel spread sheet.

What is your companies sales process and how does it flow?

Are there gaps where prospects can be miscommunicated too multiple times or missed entirely?

Can you guarantee the level and quality of the communication?

Any doubts, then I recommend that you look no further than GymSales Software. A simple, affordable and easy to use Prospect management system that can integrate with your current membership system.

Email us today for your complimentary trial on UK@gymsales.net or call (0131) 510 1739


Time to throw away the Twin Tub

twin tub

Back in 1950 the twin tub was a revolutionary innovation that was not only a time but a labour saving device. The desire of every housewife. We all know that a happy wife makes for a happy life, so every sensible loving husband rushed out to purchase this innovative tool.

Well, 70 years on we would consider this twin tub as archaic, dated and totally undesirable in the modern kitchen. In fact current day requires something much more advanced. Not only must it be time and labour saving, but economical, attractive, easy to use and with multiple cycle options.

The results of having this improved features and benefits means our clothes last longer, look and smell cleaner and save us oodles of time on washing day.

Now you may be forgiven for asking “what has this to do with sales and prospect management Jenni?”

Änd the answer is quite simple…….

It’s time to move your Sales Solutions into the 21st Century, no more diaries, excel spread sheets or 1/ 31 day folders.

Say goodbye to pieces of paper with notes on them.

Throw away those paper Guest Registers with illegible writing on and stop wasting your valuable time…..

More importantly providing great tools to your team shows how much you care and value them. Helping them to do a better job quicker and more efficiently will win them over and generate the loyalty that we all wish for.

So toss away the twin tub and show your team how much you love them and invest in GymSales. Create that organised, structured and happy work environment that enables them to get great results.

So what results will it bring?

1) All correspondence on a client profile easy to read
2) Automated correspondence via text and email
3) Ready made templates so no errors
4) Send bulk sms
5) Walk ins can sign in on a tablet at reception
6) Integrated website leads with GymSales
7) GymSales integrates with membership system
8) Paperless world and reliable database
9) No duplicates so only clean data
10) Accountability of activity, calls, sms’s and emails

In this modern world Sales people have so much to do why not treat them to an easy, quick solution to make their life effortless where it counts  and remember…..

The Blue-Footed Booby

blue footed.jpg

It seems we can learn a lot from Mother Nature.

I recently watched a fascinating David Attenborough episode on The Galapagos Islands and my attention was drawn particularly to the Blue-Footed Booby. It seems that when it comes to finding his perfect mate he waves his incredibly blue feet to attract their attention. The best looking blue feet, wins the girl. It made me realise that we can emulate nature to get the same successful results. Now this doesn’t mean that we start painting our feet blue and waving them at the next prospect who walks into our business, however what it does mean is that we MUST find a way to stand out from the crowd.

How do we do this successfully?

Well we use the tools that we are given …………

So why not reward your best performing Sales People who represent your business and demonstrate all the right values?

Identify these Stars and give them public recognition for their results, praise them for their commitment and reward them.

I had a recent discussion with Nathan James at World Gyms who wanted to do exactly this across his brand. As a strong advocate of GymSales we were able to provide Nathan with this powerful information, enabling him to pull reports that not only identified the High Sales achievers but the High Performing Clubs in his network.

sales world gyms.png

Here is a typical example of a report that you can pull from GymSales that breaks down all the main KPI’s for you to measure against your team. With over 20 different categories to benchmark your individuals you can find a way to reward the top performers both effectively and accurately.

Now using the power of Mother Nature we can create healthy competition between our Sales team which will drive better results for your business.

So you can have this report sent daily, weekly or monthly and watch the challenge over the month. If you want more info on how to do this give me a call on 0435171152 and I will be delighted to talk you through this process.

So why not help your Sales Team become a successful Blue-Footed Booby this month….

pair of blue.jpg



Hit Your Target….

Why is it important to set monthly targets?


Well imagine playing football with no goals…. how do you know who won the game!

The target is to score a goal and by understanding which way you need to go and who is on the team will ensure the result is more likely to be achieved.

However, how does the striker ensure that ball is on target?

He or She must visualize scoring the goal.

So, each month you and your team need to work towards a target. This needs to be realistic and achievable as setting it too high will demoralise the team when they don’t hit the target. Setting it too low is not a challenge.

If you pay a bonus then work on a “Stretch Target” which if achieved provides a much greater reward, for the Team Member and the club.

Once you have the target in place then break it down into a daily weekly monthly target so it becomes more realistic. Always good to work backwards on this one…. what do I mean?

Well there are between 20 and 30 selling days in a month based on how many days your sales people work.

You will need at least double the number of leads for sales to ensure that you hit the target. If you Enquiry to Sale is less that 50% conversion you will need more leads.

Do you know your conversion ratio’s?

Enquiry to Appointment    Industry Average is 60%

Appointment to Tour          Industry Average 55%

Tour to Sale                            Industry Average 64%

Are your conversion ratio’s better than this?

If so then how many leads will you need this month to hit that target?????

Lets assume you have a target of 100 new sales for the month, with a conversion of 60% from Enquiry to Appointment, and a ratio of 70% for Tour to Sale you will need at least 230+ enquiries to ensure that you get the goal Then divide this over the number of selling days. This will tell you how many enquiries, appointments, tours and sales that you will need every day to achieve the desired result.

Alternatively, you can plug these targets into GymSales and it will work it out for you.


Then you can set your daily/weekly KPI’s so your team know exactly what they need to do each day and each week.


Those clubs that do not work to a daily, weekly or monthly target miss out on so much,

  1. No celebration when you hit the mark
  2. No praise to those that worked above and beyond
  3. No consequences for those people who did not contribute to hitting the goal
  4. No accountability for anyone
  5. No growth potentially

The team that Plans together – Works together – Achieves together – Plays together

Have a great month of selling and hitting those goals.

If you wish to trial GymSales or find out more about this great Prospect Management tool then contact us at:

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(0131) 510 1739

The Sales Funnel

the sales funnel

The saying “what goes in MUST come out” has never been more appropriate than when you describe the function of the Sales Funnel. However, it would probably be better to say the more that goes in the more that come out…….

Many people ask me what is the best sales process to get the greatest traction or how often should we contact a prospect and when.

Here are my answers below:

1) First Point of Contact

Respond to a new Prospect immediately via an Email or preferably a phone call. An automated email responder is a great confirmation that the enquiry was received and being dealt with. The first person to respond to an Enquiry increases their chances of getting the business by 50%. Whilst an automated responder is great a phone call is always the preferred method of activity.

2) Book a Date

The goal is to book the Prospect in for a tour within 48 hours, ideally today or tomorrow so you can strike whilst the iron is hot. Leave it longer than 48 hours and you run the risk that the lead will go cold or join another club.

3) Confirm the Appointment

Confirm the prospects appointment with a text to add importance and value to the tour. Prospects who have their appointments confirmed are far less likely to be a “No Show”. If they are a “No Show” then it is imperative to call them immediately to ensure that you keep the heat turned up under the pot….

4) Not Ready to Commit

If your Prospect is not ready to commit at the tour stage then you need to agree a time with them to follow up. This should be no longer than 48 hours from the tour. Again this keeps the topic hot for the prospect. A phone call is best but if this is not possible or there is no answer do not leave a voice mail message but instead send them a text. Stats tell us that 95% of texts are opened as opposed to emails.

5) Get them on a Trial

If the Prospect is not ready to commit at this stage then you can offer a Trial, try and keep this under 7 days so you can manage the communication. Ideally, you should communicate with the lead in the middle of the Trial and again at the end. This is a Touch Base to see how they are going and whether they are enjoying the trial. It is important to get the Prospect to confirm that they like the Gym. Once the Trial is expired you need to ask “What’s Next? Now you need to get them across the line quickly with a close out offer.

6) Close the Prospect Quickly

This is when it is important to create that sense of urgency to get the Prospect across the line whilst they are still hot. Create a sense of urgency by putting a closing date or time frame around the offer. You can keep contacting this prospect but make the gap between contact longer and longer, once a month, once bi monthly then quarterly or bi annually.

7) Ask for the Referral

Once the Prospect is now a Sale you can contact the New Member and ask for a referral “Do you have a friend just like you who could benefit from the service that you have purchased”?”Referral is your strongest tool to gain new members and is often forgotten or neglected when filling the Sales Funnel.

8) Member Engagement

Once the prospect has converted and referred their friend we can forgot them and then we are likely to lose them much quicker. It is imperative that you keep the new member engaged in the first 30 days. The more engaged in the first 30 days the new member is the longer they are likely to stay at your club. A 7 or 10 day call is a great way to keep the member feeling important. A 21 0r 30 day touchbase to see if they have booked a PT yet or “liked” the club on Facebook. Get the member involved as much as possible into the community atmosphere by inviting them to attend buddy nights or member evenings.

Now the biggest question is how do you manage all these stages of the Sale and ensure that none are missed. How do you ensure that you spend quality time working on your business rather than in it? How do you spend the valuable time you have on keeping members or generating new leads?

GymSales will take away all the stress, pressure and give you back that valuable time you need to invest in your business. Well strike while the iron is hot and book a 14 day trial and watch your sales funnel swell.


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How to find low cost leads….


Everyone is looking to increase their bottom line and that means “hunting” for more Prospects and Leads to convert into new Customers. Without those precious new leads the funnel dries up and it all goes very quiet.

If you are experiencing a “quiet time” it’s because you have not generated enough leads through your activity. Action creates reaction. Keep moving and your actions will drive leads to the door, stop moving and you will die.

It’s very simple really.

So how do you generate leads without spending a fortune?

Firstly, it’s important to plan your activity so you need to do something every day that keeps your brand in front of your potential customers.

  1. Referral is your strongest tool – so wait until your new customer “thanks you for a great service” then you can ask them “if they know anyone else like themselves who would benefit from your goods or services”. This will often provide some very good leads and will cost you nothing.
  2. LinkedIn is a great tool for helping you to connect to the right people. You can look for businesses that fit your Customer Criteria. You can post Testimonials on LinkedIn from existing Customers. You can even post articles and features that enable potential Customers to see that you are the Expert.
  3. Design a Blog and post articles on websites, newsletters, Facebook and LinkedIn. A blog with key words will help potential Customers find you on Google and recognise you as an expert in your field.
  4. Social Media can be your best friend if you look after the relationship. Create it and ignore it and it will give you no benefits in fact it could be detrimental. However, managing your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts can keep your brand in front of the people who could be future customers. Use testimonials, blogs, fun articles, photos and videos to create you followers.
  5. Network Groups can be very powerful in helping you to connect to the right people. Offer your support in generating new leads for their business. Ask them what an ideal customer looks like for them. Refer your customers and colleagues to this new business, even negotiate a discounted special offer for your Customers. Create value for their customers and yours.
  6. Dormant Leads are often forgotten because they said “No” at some point. You need to remember that “No today is not always No tomorrow”. Reach out to your old leads through an Amnesty once every 6 months and see how many you can reignite again. Don’t ever delete a lead

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people, businesses and organisations that align well with your brand. Look at Horizontal and Vertical Markets that will not conflict with your Customers. Look for companies that have the same Customers you do and see if you can look at a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Everyone wins……

The great news is when you do start generating all these great new leads you can use GymSales to manage all communication with these potential Customers. Ensure that you plan your strategy by connecting with all your leads throughout the year with Campaigns that are time specific or special offers.

For further info about GymSales and see how it can help grow your business contact Jenni@gymsales.net or call Jenni on 0435171152


Why use a prospect management system?


Why do health clubs, Gyms and Personal Trainers need a Prospect Management System?

Quite simply because we cannot remember everyone who contacts us. With regular leads making contact to our Businesses every day its impossible to ensure that you remember all those important details. Do they like classes, swimming or weights? How did they hear about us, do they have friends who may want to join too? What are their goals and when do they want to achieve them by? Have they been a member of Gym before? Are they currently exercising?. If you are not making a note of all this powerful information then you are doing the Prospect a disservice. Especially if they become a member down the track.

Here is my top 10 reasons for using a Prospect Management Tool:

  1. What Marketing is working – Track your Marketing sources to see what promotions and marketing campaigns have generated the most amount of leads. This is imperative to know when you plan your marketing strategy for the next 12 months. What worked well and what didn’t.
  2. Reward & Recognition – Target your team members to ensure that they can see the value they play in your organisation, then reward them accordingly.
  3. Internal Promotions – Communicate with Prospects and Members about relevant promo’s or campaigns that they have already stated they are interested in.
  4. Accurate Data – Capture those important details that allow you to follow up enquiries and respond accordingly.
  5. Response Times – Understand and monitor how quickly your team responds to enquiries, ensure that it is within 24 hours. Or be assured they will go elsewhere.
  6. No Dead Leads – Remember that a lead is always a lead until they say “No Thanks”. Plus ‘No’ now does not mean no next year.
  7. Quality Control – Send out sms’s and emails that don’t have typo’s and spelling mistakes.
  8. Training and Development – Using a Prospect Management tool enables you to monitor your teams performance to see what they do well and what needs developing. Training individuals on specific skills will yield greater results.
  9. Accurate Reporting – Pull reports that give you insight in multiple areas of your business and ensure that nothing is being missed. Have complete visibility of all your Sales process and ensure that all aspects are working well. Do you need more leads or just get better at converting those leads to appointments.
  10. Never lose another lead – Ensure that there are seamless systems that avoid mistakes. Connect your prospect system to your website and membership system and ensure a streamlined process. No more double handling or incorrect data entry.

A great Prospect Management tool needs to be simple to learn and understand, affordable and user friendly otherwise you will be pushing water uphill when trying to engage your team to use it.

If you would like a FREE TRIAL of GymSales then RING NOW on 1300 104 122 or email for further details to AU@gymsales.net

warmest wishes

Jenni McFaull

National Sales Manager