Time to throw away the Twin Tub

twin tub

Back in 1950 the twin tub was a revolutionary innovation that was not only a time but a labour saving device. The desire of every housewife. We all know that a happy wife makes for a happy life, so every sensible loving husband rushed out to purchase this innovative tool.

Well, 70 years on we would consider this twin tub as archaic, dated and totally undesirable in the modern kitchen. In fact current day requires something much more advanced. Not only must it be time and labour saving, but economical, attractive, easy to use and with multiple cycle options.

The results of having this improved features and benefits means our clothes last longer, look and smell cleaner and save us oodles of time on washing day.

Now you may be forgiven for asking “what has this to do with sales and prospect management Jenni?”

Änd the answer is quite simple…….

It’s time to move your Sales Solutions into the 21st Century, no more diaries, excel spread sheets or 1/ 31 day folders.

Say goodbye to pieces of paper with notes on them.

Throw away those paper Guest Registers with illegible writing on and stop wasting your valuable time…..

More importantly providing great tools to your team shows how much you care and value them. Helping them to do a better job quicker and more efficiently will win them over and generate the loyalty that we all wish for.

So toss away the twin tub and show your team how much you love them and invest in GymSales. Create that organised, structured and happy work environment that enables them to get great results.

So what results will it bring?

1) All correspondence on a client profile easy to read
2) Automated correspondence via text and email
3) Ready made templates so no errors
4) Send bulk sms
5) Walk ins can sign in on a tablet at reception
6) Integrated website leads with GymSales
7) GymSales integrates with membership system
8) Paperless world and reliable database
9) No duplicates so only clean data
10) Accountability of activity, calls, sms’s and emails

In this modern world Sales people have so much to do why not treat them to an easy, quick solution to make their life effortless where it counts  and remember…..