The Blue-Footed Booby

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It seems we can learn a lot from Mother Nature.

I recently watched a fascinating David Attenborough episode on The Galapagos Islands and my attention was drawn particularly to the Blue-Footed Booby. It seems that when it comes to finding his perfect mate he waves his incredibly blue feet to attract their attention. The best looking blue feet, wins the girl. It made me realise that we can emulate nature to get the same successful results. Now this doesn’t mean that we start painting our feet blue and waving them at the next prospect who walks into our business, however what it does mean is that we MUST find a way to stand out from the crowd.

How do we do this successfully?

Well we use the tools that we are given …………

So why not reward your best performing Sales People who represent your business and demonstrate all the right values?

Identify these Stars and give them public recognition for their results, praise them for their commitment and reward them.

I had a recent discussion with Nathan James at World Gyms who wanted to do exactly this across his brand. As a strong advocate of GymSales we were able to provide Nathan with this powerful information, enabling him to pull reports that not only identified the High Sales achievers but the High Performing Clubs in his network.

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Here is a typical example of a report that you can pull from GymSales that breaks down all the main KPI’s for you to measure against your team. With over 20 different categories to benchmark your individuals you can find a way to reward the top performers both effectively and accurately.

Now using the power of Mother Nature we can create healthy competition between our Sales team which will drive better results for your business.

So you can have this report sent daily, weekly or monthly and watch the challenge over the month. If you want more info on how to do this give me a call on 0435171152 and I will be delighted to talk you through this process.

So why not help your Sales Team become a successful Blue-Footed Booby this month….

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Hit Your Target….

Why is it important to set monthly targets?


Well imagine playing football with no goals…. how do you know who won the game!

The target is to score a goal and by understanding which way you need to go and who is on the team will ensure the result is more likely to be achieved.

However, how does the striker ensure that ball is on target?

He or She must visualize scoring the goal.

So, each month you and your team need to work towards a target. This needs to be realistic and achievable as setting it too high will demoralise the team when they don’t hit the target. Setting it too low is not a challenge.

If you pay a bonus then work on a “Stretch Target” which if achieved provides a much greater reward, for the Team Member and the club.

Once you have the target in place then break it down into a daily weekly monthly target so it becomes more realistic. Always good to work backwards on this one…. what do I mean?

Well there are between 20 and 30 selling days in a month based on how many days your sales people work.

You will need at least double the number of leads for sales to ensure that you hit the target. If you Enquiry to Sale is less that 50% conversion you will need more leads.

Do you know your conversion ratio’s?

Enquiry to Appointment    Industry Average is 60%

Appointment to Tour          Industry Average 55%

Tour to Sale                            Industry Average 64%

Are your conversion ratio’s better than this?

If so then how many leads will you need this month to hit that target?????

Lets assume you have a target of 100 new sales for the month, with a conversion of 60% from Enquiry to Appointment, and a ratio of 70% for Tour to Sale you will need at least 230+ enquiries to ensure that you get the goal Then divide this over the number of selling days. This will tell you how many enquiries, appointments, tours and sales that you will need every day to achieve the desired result.

Alternatively, you can plug these targets into GymSales and it will work it out for you.


Then you can set your daily/weekly KPI’s so your team know exactly what they need to do each day and each week.


Those clubs that do not work to a daily, weekly or monthly target miss out on so much,

  1. No celebration when you hit the mark
  2. No praise to those that worked above and beyond
  3. No consequences for those people who did not contribute to hitting the goal
  4. No accountability for anyone
  5. No growth potentially

The team that Plans together – Works together – Achieves together – Plays together

Have a great month of selling and hitting those goals.

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