Why use a prospect management system?


Why do health clubs, Gyms and Personal Trainers need a Prospect Management System?

Quite simply because we cannot remember everyone who contacts us. With regular leads making contact to our Businesses every day its impossible to ensure that you remember all those important details. Do they like classes, swimming or weights? How did they hear about us, do they have friends who may want to join too? What are their goals and when do they want to achieve them by? Have they been a member of Gym before? Are they currently exercising?. If you are not making a note of all this powerful information then you are doing the Prospect a disservice. Especially if they become a member down the track.

Here is my top 10 reasons for using a Prospect Management Tool:

  1. What Marketing is working – Track your Marketing sources to see what promotions and marketing campaigns have generated the most amount of leads. This is imperative to know when you plan your marketing strategy for the next 12 months. What worked well and what didn’t.
  2. Reward & Recognition – Target your team members to ensure that they can see the value they play in your organisation, then reward them accordingly.
  3. Internal Promotions – Communicate with Prospects and Members about relevant promo’s or campaigns that they have already stated they are interested in.
  4. Accurate Data – Capture those important details that allow you to follow up enquiries and respond accordingly.
  5. Response Times – Understand and monitor how quickly your team responds to enquiries, ensure that it is within 24 hours. Or be assured they will go elsewhere.
  6. No Dead Leads – Remember that a lead is always a lead until they say “No Thanks”. Plus ‘No’ now does not mean no next year.
  7. Quality Control – Send out sms’s and emails that don’t have typo’s and spelling mistakes.
  8. Training and Development – Using a Prospect Management tool enables you to monitor your teams performance to see what they do well and what needs developing. Training individuals on specific skills will yield greater results.
  9. Accurate Reporting – Pull reports that give you insight in multiple areas of your business and ensure that nothing is being missed. Have complete visibility of all your Sales process and ensure that all aspects are working well. Do you need more leads or just get better at converting those leads to appointments.
  10. Never lose another lead – Ensure that there are seamless systems that avoid mistakes. Connect your prospect system to your website and membership system and ensure a streamlined process. No more double handling or incorrect data entry.

A great Prospect Management tool needs to be simple to learn and understand, affordable and user friendly otherwise you will be pushing water uphill when trying to engage your team to use it.

If you would like a FREE TRIAL of GymSales then RING NOW on 1300 104 122 or email for further details to AU@gymsales.net

warmest wishes

Jenni McFaull

National Sales Manager





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